George Schill Bio PicMy illustration career began many years ago while attending St. Colman School where I sold drawings of “Weirdos” to classmates for a nickel. Unfortunately, my thriving freelance business soon ended after Sister Mary Anthony called my mother and expressed concern that her dutiful son was spending much of his free time drawing the devil. These days, I still earn my lunch money by drawing weirdos and other stuff for a wide variety of satisfied clients. Along the way, my work has garnered a number of awards and has been selected for inclusion in the NY Society of Illustrators Annuals, Communication Arts, Printʼs Regional Design Annuals, and the Addyʼs.

In addition to my freelance work , I have designed thousands of greeting cards as a contract artist with the humor divisions at American Greetings, where I also write gags, develop characters, and concept new lines. Several of my cards have been nominated for the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award.

In 1997, I co-founded the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, which has grown to be the second largest illustration society in the country, no thanks to me. But I played an important role in buying the first round of drinks.

I work out of my home in Monroeville, Pa, and in my free time I enjoy drawing spending time with my family.

Partial client list: Playboy, Disney, Sports Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens, Inc., Yankee Magazine, Wall Street Journal , AG Edwards, Prudential , Oracle, Microsoft, UPMC, Alcoa, AOL, Scholastic, Carus Publishing, American Greetings, Carlton Cards…